Picture of MeOn this page I’m going to tell you about Me (Jennifer Barnes) and my Jewelry (Teal Bliss Jewelry).

I am 25 years old and work in the marketing field with experience in insurance, law and most recently architecture. I just recently moved to York, PA. Did you know its’ the snack capital of the world? True Story! This area is great, seriously it has everything you could want all within relative driving distance. I moved from Manahawkin, NJ near Long Beach Island and I am a little terrified of having to sit in traffic to “go down to the shore” and not being around every weekend to get my tan on. But it’s time for the next great experience in life and I’m sure I’ll adjust at some point.

About Teal Bliss Jewelry

Everyone asks me how I got started. Long Story Short – I wanted a white beaded necklace to go with a red dress I bought, couldn’t find anything anywhere. So I thought to myself, “Jenn you made jewelry before, go to Michaels and get the stuff to DIY” (Can I tell you I didn’t end up finding the right beads and never made the necklace) But i started making other things and here I am today.

I started Teal Bliss Jewelry around Thanksgiving last year, November 2012.  As you can tell from the name, I am partial to teal and blues and greens (always have been, always will!) But i am trying my hardest to explore the many colors of the world including orange and yellow.

I make custom jewelry for weddings, proms, etc.

Got a question, send me an email tealblissjewelry@aol.com


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