California Console Table finds a New Home in Pennsylvania

This past weekend I found this gorgeous console table at a yard sale. Even more unbelievable than the idea that I found it at a yard sale is the fact that I only spent $25! I am officially obsessed with this table and cannot wait to put it on display in our new home.

20130903-153747.jpg Vintage TableThis table traveled from California to New Jersey and soon it will be making its way to Pennsylvania. All it needs is a little tender loving care and to be hauled the 160 miles from NJ to PA.

I am not a yard sale expert but here are some words of advice that have helped me stay organized.

1. Two to three days before you are planning to go out to yard sales get on the internet and do the research. Listings on Craigslist and yardsalesearch will have a short description of the main items of the yard sale that you will be able to determine if the items you are looking for will be there.

2. Don’t base a yard sale on the location because you may miss out on some great pieces like I almost did with this table.

3. Have an idea of the items you are looking for set in your mind or you are going to end up with items for your next yard sale.

4. Don’t be afraid to offer a lower price than what they are asking if you think the asking price is too high.




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