Jersey Girl No More Continued

I honestly cannot believe we found such a beautifully well-maintained home in our price range. I want to say that we looked at maybe 20 homes, but that might be a high estimate.  The house hunting process was becoming less optimistic with each house we looked at and it seemed we weren’t going to find a home anytime soon. I don’t want to sound like a Debbie Downer but you must understand my boyfriend works a rotating schedule, so making time to see these houses was not the easiest.

-End Scene-

The moment finally came, the moment everyone kept telling us to wait for. We pulled up to our now future home and stood on the front porch and it was that moment. No seriously, we were sold the moment we stood on the porch. Leave your judgement at the front door please and don’t forget to wipe your shoes.

So now that we have found our home <3, the next steps involve picking out a color scheme, furniture, appliances, cookware, oy-vey. Thankfully the internet exists and there are websites galore to help with these big decisions.

1. This site has step by step plans for projects that I would have never thought that I could make on my own and is updated on the reg.

Craft Table Top For The Modular Collection

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this desk shown above will be part of my craft room!

2. Of course I turn to to find unique decor that is handmade or vintage. Just be careful I have noticed there are a lot of shops marking everything product in their store has vintage.

3. Beware, this site has amazing new deals on furniture, lighting, rugs, everything you could think of and you may become obsessed.

4. Kelly offers her personal experiences as she fixes up her home. I am most looking forward to her post about refinishing stair railing.

What sites am I missing that you found helpful for decorating or DIYing your home?


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