Good Will Good Finds – DIY Jewelry Displays

I want to share these four amazingly crafty DIY projects that were used for my craft vendor event last weekend. The best part was I spent under $50 on all the projects! And before I totally forget to mention, I could not have accomplished any of this without the help of my boyfriend and his family, so a HUGE Thank You to them!!!

I picked up three different wooden items at the Goodwill in Lemoyne, PA all for under $7!!! No before pictures were taken, but just imagine all items as a basic wood product.

This first item…

bracelet and tray

I have no idea what it’s true designed purpose is, but I saw it and instantly knew it’s purpose to me is to display bracelets.  The base was spray-painted a glossy peacock-blue color and the tray and dowel were sprayed a satin mint color. (Dowel not shown in first picture, but see picture below it hangs where those holes are and is the perfect length for bracelets.) It is definitely a good idea to use a lighter color, so the jewelry really stands out.

Bracelet Jewelry Display

Voila! A beautiful bracelet display that I can use for future shows.

Next Goodwill find was this hot plate holder thingamajig… we think.


I saw it as an opportunity to stand it up right and use it to display necklaces. I choose a satin peach color. After it dried it was more a pinky peach color, but still came out beautiful. For future events, I think I would like to find something else to use for necklaces and maybe use this for another purpose.

DIY Necklace Stand

The last item I picked up was a small wooden jewelry box that you can find at any craft supply store, but this was half the cost of those. I painted it a turquoise color and placed my business cards in them, which allowed shoppers to easily grab one and prevented them from flying away.

Next project, which is the most DIY and inventive jewelry display ever.

You know those tall floor lamps that only come in a black or silver color? My boyfriend came up with the genius plan to re-purpose one of those (because we had one that was unusable anymore) into a jewelry display stand for long necklaces. The base of the lamp along with the poles and lamp shade were sprayed that glossy peacock-blue color from the bracelet display and the silver connector piece was sprayed the satin mint color. Then we (and I mean my boyfriend) drilled holes to place hooks through the lamp shade.

DIY Necklace DisplayWe only used on of the poles, so the lamp was shortened by like a third of the actual length. Sorry, it’s not the greatest photo, but it definitely helped to show the necklaces in this way rather than just laying them flat on the table. We were able to find a tray that fit perfectly on top of the lamp shade.

The last display item used these wooden coasters/bowls (again, not really sure of their designed purpose) that I found at the Goodwill in York, PA. I spent $1.50 on 5 and then they were spray painted with the same three colors from the other displays. At first I thought I would use them to display bracelets, but as I was setting up I realized they would be perfect for the Wine Glass Charms. :-)

DIY Wine Charm Display

This picture shows four of those “bowls” with three charms in the bowl and one charm on display with the wine glass.

Thanks for reading! Hope this inspires other crafters to think outside of the box!


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2 Responses to Good Will Good Finds – DIY Jewelry Displays

  1. lvbaby says:

    Love these! The colors you choose are so pretty…

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