After countless trips to Lowe’s and Goodwill Stores and the nights I stayed up way past bedtime to finish a necklace or bracelet, it’s o-v-e-r.

Here is a picture of the booth my sister and I set-up at Stafford Founder’s Day. If you haven’t read my previous posts then you need to know that this was our very first time as craft vendors.

Teal Bliss Jewelry was on full display, every creation was ready to be purchased and my sister had her awesome handmade crocheted items.

Thankfully the weather held out until the afternoon, but it was still a little windy and I was unable to fully display my jewelry the way I had originally planned.

I think we switched the layout around at least 3 times, because can you believe they assigned a spot to us that had a bush as tall as the tent that blocked all the shoppers from seeing everything.

picture of booth from founders day

Looking at this picture, I am just a little sad that all the anticipation and excitement are gone so quickly.

I am looking forward to the next event, not sure where it will be yet though. Stay Tuned!


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In the beginning phase of a jewelry design business...
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