A Belated Mother’s Day Post and Recap of My Weekend in Northampton, MA

This weekend I did not get the opportunity to make those cute diy chain ankle strap flats from my previous post.

At the very last moment (5 a.m. Saturday Morning) I hopped in the car and took a trip with my Mom to Northampton, MA where my Sister has been living for the past year. Rarely do I get to take any sort of road trip and it turned out to be perfect timing since I was already home for the weekend and Mother’s Day was on Sunday. So here’s the recap…

We started the day walking around and going into all the different stores.

Northampton MAThis is Northampton City Hall. I appreciate history…

Organic Beer

But i appreciate beer more! We stopped at McLaddens Irish Pub for a drink and I ended up choosing an Organic Beer. Might I mention that it was noon and this beer is 9% avc. Yikes, but it was good and luckily we had some food to “soak up the alcohol”.

After some beers and appetizers, we continued to shop and the three of us all had our tarot cards read. I won’t go into anymore detail about that except mention that it was a great experience.

Later on we had dinner at the Northampton Brewery. Isn’t this the best sign ever?

Northampton Brewery

My only regret, I didn’t sample any beers here.

We finished the weekend celebrating Mother’s Day at Sylvester’s enjoying some community French Toast.


Wishing everyone a belated Mother’s Day!


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