Trying Really Hard to Break Out of the Teal Color Shell

So clearly when I choose the name of my jewelry business, teal was the appropriate color and you’ll see why in this post.

This weekend my boyfriend and I traveled to the wonderful town of Hanover to shop at a couple of jewelry supply stores. At our first stop, the owner pointed out that the color of my wallet matched all the beads I was buying. My wallet is a beautiful light teal color that I bough from target last year. It’s almost getting to the point of embarrassment. I feel like everywhere I go someone points out all the teal in my life! But I just love the color!

So my goal is to make jewelry with other colors but I feel like this is going to be harder than I think because its summer and nothing says summer more than that color.

Here are pictures of earrings I made over the weekend. The good news is they feature a beautiful coral colored bead but i don’t think this would qualify as accomplishing my goal.





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In the beginning phase of a jewelry design business...
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