First Post – Mother’s Day! <3

As my first post I am excited for the topic because yes I consider my mom my best friend!

This is a picture of my sister, Christine, my mom, Heidi, and I at the Old Stone Store

(Picture taken by LeAnna Fisher, 2013)

Mother’s Day is soon approaching and after all these recent events. I wanted to put some ideas together to surprise your Mom on May 12. 

<<<First Idea>>>  Handmade Card

You most likely don’t even need to make a trip to the store and will be able to use supplies found throughout your home.

Scissors and Glue are necessity as well as some paper! But get creative and use magazines or playing cards (Hint hint, red hearts)

I DO NOT recommend using family photos unless you get permission and have lots of copies.

<<<Second Idea>>>  Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

This idea is especially great if you don’t live within driving distance and want to have something delivered, other than flowers.

There are so many companies that deliver the freshest fruit for a reasonable price.

And you might even be able to find a website that offers daily deals.

<<<Third Idea>>>  Perfume or Shoes or something practical

This idea might be a little hard, but all you have to do is a little investigation.

Women love shoes and never have enough, ever, even when there is no more space in the closet.

<<<Fourth Idea>>>  Take her out to lunch or dinner

If you don’t get to spend time with your mom all that often, an afternoon or night out will truly mean the world to her.

Plus did i mention those sites with daily deals!

<<<Fifth Idea>>>  Jewelry (Of Course!)

Now I’m not trying to promote just my jewelry here BUT seriously jewelry is like shoes!

Hop on over to Etsy ( and check out all the amazing items that are unique and find something that reminds you of your mom.

Happy Shopping! and Don’t forget you have exactly 22 days.


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