Week One as a Homeowner

Today is the one week anniversary of the purchase of our first home. FYI – we haven’t moved in yet but it isn’t for a lack of trying we have just both been so busy.

Last night we were at the house sanding the walls in the master bathroom from all the Spackle that was used to fix the holes in the wall caused by the removal of the wallpaper. I am so thankful that the wallpaper is gone. I keep wondering who thought wallpaper or that sticky shelf liner paper was a good invention?

Once we sanded the walls, we put up samples of two shades of blue that we found from Sherwin Williams. We both agreed on Jetstream. What do you guys think? jetstream by sherwin williams

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California Console Table finds a New Home in Pennsylvania

This past weekend I found this gorgeous console table at a yard sale. Even more unbelievable than the idea that I found it at a yard sale is the fact that I only spent $25! I am officially obsessed with this table and cannot wait to put it on display in our new home.

20130903-153747.jpg Vintage TableThis table traveled from California to New Jersey and soon it will be making its way to Pennsylvania. All it needs is a little tender loving care and to be hauled the 160 miles from NJ to PA.

I am not a yard sale expert but here are some words of advice that have helped me stay organized.

1. Two to three days before you are planning to go out to yard sales get on the internet and do the research. Listings on Craigslist and yardsalesearch will have a short description of the main items of the yard sale that you will be able to determine if the items you are looking for will be there.

2. Don’t base a yard sale on the location because you may miss out on some great pieces like I almost did with this table.

3. Have an idea of the items you are looking for set in your mind or you are going to end up with items for your next yard sale.

4. Don’t be afraid to offer a lower price than what they are asking if you think the asking price is too high.



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Jersey Girl No More Continued

I honestly cannot believe we found such a beautifully well-maintained home in our price range. I want to say that we looked at maybe 20 homes, but that might be a high estimate.  The house hunting process was becoming less optimistic with each house we looked at and it seemed we weren’t going to find a home anytime soon. I don’t want to sound like a Debbie Downer but you must understand my boyfriend works a rotating schedule, so making time to see these houses was not the easiest.

-End Scene-

The moment finally came, the moment everyone kept telling us to wait for. We pulled up to our now future home and stood on the front porch and it was that moment. No seriously, we were sold the moment we stood on the porch. Leave your judgement at the front door please and don’t forget to wipe your shoes.

So now that we have found our home <3, the next steps involve picking out a color scheme, furniture, appliances, cookware, oy-vey. Thankfully the internet exists and there are websites galore to help with these big decisions.

1. ana-white.com This site has step by step plans for projects that I would have never thought that I could make on my own and is updated on the reg.

Craft Table Top For The Modular Collection

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this desk shown above will be part of my craft room!

2. etsy.com Of course I turn to etsy.com to find unique decor that is handmade or vintage. Just be careful I have noticed there are a lot of shops marking everything product in their store has vintage.

3. wayfair.com Beware, this site has amazing new deals on furniture, lighting, rugs, everything you could think of and you may become obsessed.

4. viewalongtheway.com Kelly offers her personal experiences as she fixes up her home. I am most looking forward to her post about refinishing stair railing.

What sites am I missing that you found helpful for decorating or DIYing your home?

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Jersey Girl No More, Officially

This weekend is the six month anniversary for me moving to Pennsylvania, which is a little funny because my boyfriend and I are spending the weekend in New Jersey.

I truly thought I would forever be a Jersey Girl, but in one month my boyfriend and I are moving into our very first home! We are both so excited about all the projects we want to accomplish that our beauty rest has been affected tremendously. Instead of counting sheep, I’ve been visualizing the decor for each room and he’s been planning out the backyard.

Needless to say this blog is going to become my outlet to share all the amazing websites, stores and tips for decorating on a small budget. I hope you all stick around while Teal Bliss Jewelry goes on a short hiatus (until the jewelry room is finished at least).

I will forever love the area I grew up in New Jersey, but the views in Pennsylvania…

photo Pa View

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16 Fall Fashion Scarves Picks by Teal Bliss Jewelry

This cooler temp weather has me so anxious to start wearing scarves.I love that cozy feeling from wearing a scarf, whether at home or work. And for those mornings when you are running late, you can still look stylish while wearing a basic color top paired with a printed scarf.

Here, I picked out my 16 favorite women’s scarves from fellow ETSY shops. My inspiration comes from my desperate desire to travel (don’t you love the world map print) and my love for elephants, coffee, peacock colors.

I have to admit my absolute favorite is the blue linen print with the leather cuff! I won’t be mad if somebody purchases this before me because this shop has a great selection of similar scarves.

See my picks here

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Teal Bliss Jewelry End of Summer Sale Starts Today!

End of Summer Sale

Visit the Teal Bliss Jewelry Etsy Shop and receive 10% off your purchase totaling $50 or more.

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New Etsy Treasury List – Shore Inspired Home Decor

I seriously cannot wait for the moment that my boyfriend and I find our dream home. Even more, I cannot wait to start decorating! Thankfully I have Pinterest and Etsy to keep me occupied until that time arrives.

Etsy has this great feature, sort of similar to Pinterest, where you can make a dedicated board of items you like for whatever occasion. Below is a sampling of the items I picked and would love to place in our future home <3.

Shore Inspired Home Decoration Treasury List by Teal Bliss Jewelry

Also, tomorrow is the last day to enter my free bracelet giveaway.


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Teal Bliss Jewelry 100+ Facebook Fans Bracelet Giveaway

To Celebrate the 100+ Fans of the Teal Bliss Jewelry Facebook Page, I am giving away one of my favorite bracelets.

bracelet-giveawayClick the image above to be taken directly to the Giveaway Entry Form.

jenn signature

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july 4

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Last Minute Dessert Ideas for your Fourth of July Celebration

Today, I am searching for the perfect last-minute whip-together dessert because to me no holiday, cook-out, BBQ, etc. is complete without a dessert(s). The last party I went to left me a little disappointed with the dessert selection, so to make sure that never happens to me or your guests here are the scrumptious recipes I found on, where else, Pinterest!

All recipes can be found by clicking the pictures below or through my Indulge and Indulge Some More Board on Pinterest. Let’s get started …

Blueberry Buckle from Kitchen Riffs

This recipe takes close to 2 hours between prep and bake, but so worth it.

Blueberry Buckle on plate with fork, ice cream and berry garnish

Black Raspberry & Lemon Crush Cupcakes from Tidy Mom

This unique dessert takes about an hour to make.

Black Raspberry & Lemon Ice Cream Cupcake at TidyMom

Strawberry White Chocolate Pie from Jaime Cooks It Up

This recipe takes 30 minutes to make and 1 hour to refrigerate.


Chocolate? Yes Please!

Deep Dish Peanut Butter Pie with Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crust from Yammie’s Noshery.

This recipe is the quickest and in my opinion the best. It should only take about a half hour and then you can serve or freeze for later!

Peanut Butter Pie

Have a great Fourth of July!

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